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Contract Information

Contract Information


CodeHS - Computer Science Curriculum - Grade 6-8

Craig Trotter

(515) 322-8593


The parties agree to comply with the terms and conditions on the following attachments which are by this reference made a part of the Agreement. There is a 1% administrative fee to be paid to the Department of Administrative Services on a quarterly basis. Attachments are on file with the Department of Administrative Services - Central Procurement. Attachment 1: Competitive Solicitation RFP1421282045. Attachment 2: Contractor's Response to Competitive Solicitation RFP1421282045. Attachment 3: Contractor's Cost Response to competitive solicitation document RFP1421282045. Attachment 4 - Special Terms Sales Contact Information Meg Davis 415-570-9434


Awarded To

CodeHS Inc


42A Dore St.

San Francisco, CA 94103

Adrianne Mikes

(415) 889-3376

Payment Terms & Free On Board

1% Net 10

FOB Ship Pt, Freight Allowed