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Contract Information

Contract Information


Equipment - Woods Equipment Company (CORPORATE)

David Kundid

(515) 242-5005


Attachment 1: Competitive Solicitation RFB1117005168. Attachment 2: Contractor's Response to Competitive Solicitation RFB1117005168 (except for any contractor objection or amendment to the Competitive Solicitation Document requirements that the State has not explicitly agreed to in writing) Attachment 3: Contractor's Cost (final pricing documentation) Response to competitive solicitation document RFB1117005168. Attachment 4: Special Terms - Contractor bid all equipment discounts, parts pricing and service rates for dealer network. DELIVERY DAYS: 45 days after order receipt. INVOICING: All equipment, parts and services will be purchased and invoiced through dealers per the list provided. Pcard acceptance at discretion of dealers. No purchases will be made through this Contract. The state reserves the right to add additional items to the Contract during the life of the Contract upon agreement by both parties. SALES CONTACT: Kera Roschi, 815-732-9360,


Awarded To

Woods Equipment Company

2606 S IL ROUTE 2

Kera Roschi

OREGON, IL 61061-9685

Kera Roschi

(815) 732-9360


1/24/2020 9:28:05 AM
1/9/2020 12:29:57 PM
1/9/2020 12:29:38 PM
1/9/2020 12:29:28 PM
1/9/2020 12:29:08 PM
1/9/2020 12:28:52 PM
1/9/2020 12:28:43 PM

Payment Terms & Free On Board

Net 60

FOB Dest, Freight Prepaid