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Contract Information

Contract Information


Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Equipment & Services

Sara Grier

(515) 823-9083


The State of Iowa and Safeware, Inc & Mallory Safety and Supply, LLC establish this agreement pursuant to the specifications, terms and conditions of solicitation and resulting contract #4400008468 between US Communities and Safeware, Inc & Mallory Safety and Supply, LLC . The attached Participating Addendum serves to modify and amend the contract between Safeware, Inc & Mallory Safety and Supply, LLC and the State of Iowa. The parties agree to comply with the terms and conditions on the following attachments which are by this reference made a part of the Agreement. Attachment 1: US Communities RFP2000002547. Attachment 2: Safeware Signed US Communities Contract Attachment 3: State of Iowa Participating Addendum Delivery: FOB DESTINATION Payment Terms: NET60


Awarded To

Safeware Inc

4403 Forbes Blvd

Lanham, MD 20706-4328

Michelle Phelps

(301) 542-3258


10/3/2022 3:06:44 PM
1/26/2022 3:43:00 PM
1/26/2022 3:42:49 PM
1/26/2022 3:42:42 PM
1/26/2022 3:42:27 PM
1/26/2022 3:42:07 PM

Payment Terms & Free On Board

Net 60

FOB Dest, Freight Prepaid