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Worker’s Compensation Third Party Administration

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The State of Iowa Dept of Administrative Services seeks services from a contractor to manage the State’s Worker’s Compensation program. Please review the attached documents for complete RFP information and directions on how to submit a proposal. In addition to the RFP document the State's proposed General T&Cs for Services document and the proposed Security T&Cs document are attached. NOTE: Any vendor questions and answers are DUE by close of business on Thurs., Sept. 27, 2018. See page one of the RFP for details on submitting questions. (For vendor convenience, the RFP and associated two State of Iowa T&Cs documents are attached in both Word and pdf versions.) Oct. 4 UPDATE: Attached is Amendment One to the RFP which contains answers to contractor questions received by Sept. 27, 2018. Nov. 2 NOTE: Addendum One for RFP1219005003 has been released and posted here today. The Addendum lists the Workers Compensation Administration RFP evaluation criteria and points. The Addendum is for information purposes ONLY and contractor responses to the Addendum are not required nor expected.

Agency Information


Administrative Services, Dept

Hoover State Office Bldg, 3rd Flr

1305 E. Walnut

Des Moines, IA 50319

Contact Information

Ken Discher

Purchasing Agent

(515) 745-2561

(515) 725-0133

Valid Dates

9/4/2018 3:00:00 PM

11/2/2018 12:00:00 PM


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